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GDPR Compliance - Protecting Your Interests

This is YOUR a safe place! As of May 25, 2018, all websites available to internet users around the globe must be compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). The GDPR affects the way businesses, companies, and website operators communicate with visitors (to site), and exists to ensure lucid and safe interface with users. The main objective of the GDPR is to protect the privacy of consumers, enhance legal knowledge of users, and prevent data breaches. As an independent writer and author, my respect for privacy is a vital part of the relationships I share with my readers. That is why I continue to maintain the high standards set forth by the GDPR, and will strive to ensure the excellence this site adheres to. Please feel welcome to subscribe to my site, knowing that this is a trustworthy source built on honesty, common values, and a love for humanness in literature.

This site collects data only when given permission by checking the option to subscribe. The email addresses are used to send blog updates, author news, or information. In the future, as in the case of a contest win, subscribers may provide a mailing addresses in order to receive physical goods or promotional items. NO data of any kind will be shared with third parties. The data will be stored for the duration of the site's existence. The data subject has the right to opt out at any time. You may do so by clicking on the contact form and sending a message.

To learn more about GDPR and international guidelines, click here: GDPR.

Thank you for your time.

~ Ms. Zipporah

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