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Write? Who Has Time to Write?

Who has time to write?

Can you give me 5 minutes? How many times have you said that? Too many.

Why did you ask that question?

Let’s see:

  • Maybe you needed to regroup.

  • Maybe you needed a mental break or time to clear your head.

  • Maybe you really had something to do and knew it would only take five minutes.

  • Maybe you wanted to get rid of the person in front of you.

  • And maybe, it was just an excuse…

Whatever the reason, five minutes allowed you the opportune time to take care of or venture off to that special place you needed to go.

Now, I ask you again -

Do you have 5 minutes? Sure you do.

We all have the same 10080 minutes per week. Why is it that some make well use their time while others fail to use time wisely?

THE ANSWER: Some plan well and others fail to plan.

Why five?

THE ANSWER: We have to start somewhere. Five minutes seems reasonable.

Did you know you only need 5 minutes to start your writing career?

You don’t know it yet, but by the time you finish reading this, you will find the time. If you can commit, you can write!

Now what's your excuse?

  • I work full-time.

  • I have children.

  • I’m not a morning person.

  • I’m tired in the evening.

  • My weekends are full.

  • I can’t find the time.

  • There isn’t enough time in the day.

  • I just can't!

You’re not alone!

I know you’re finished with me now. But before you click or move that mouse, please allow me to share.

We all have that ability. You just have to tap into the potential you already have. Get in touch with your creative side.

Yes, that one! (I see your eyes starting to light up)

We all have a story to tell. There is a writer in each of you screaming to get out - especially if you are interested in a writing career.

Less than two years ago, I took a Personal Development class - Time Management, sponsored by my job. From the outset, the instructor asked us to finish the sentence: “If I had an extra hour added to my day, I would ____ (and asked us to fill in the blank).”

Prior to calling on others for answers, she shared her response, “If I had an extra hour, I’d take a bath.”

The raised eyebrows, sighs, smirks and grimaces told the story. She didn’t look like a dirty person!

“Now don’t you go thinking I’m a dirty person,” she said shaking her head. (Sure) “I bathe every day.”

Scanning the room, she placed one hand on her hip and asked the class, “When was the last time you really took a bath? I’m talking about locking the door, with no distractions from the kids, just you and a tub full of bubbles, a real bath.”

I get it. Honestly, that statement made me feel as dirty as other’s thought she was. When was the last time I took a bath like that? I thought. (It’s been a while).

Here’s the point. The instructor explained, “We make time to do everything else for others - putting everyone and everything first, while we sit on the back burner.”

She suggested scheduling a little “me time” on your calendar. Thirty minutes. Fifteen minutes. Five minutes. That’s possible.

Saying,“Yes” to non-important things, forces you to say, “No” to yourself. Buy out the opportune time for you.

Note to self: Take time out for Ms. Zipporah, even if it’s five minutes to admire creation.

How does this apply to writing?

Well, anything you do consistently for more than three weeks (really a month) becomes a habit: walking, diet, exercise, and etc.

It only takes five minutes to start writing. It starts with your mindset: Be positive. See the glass half full. Tell yourself, "I know I can do this."

It’s called “Stick-to-it-iveness.” That means dogged perseverance.

*I like that word.

Try this: Write three things you are grateful for today. I’ll start. “I’m grateful for: My relationship with the Creator, My family & friends (I cheated. That’s really a two for one), and the opportunity to touch the lives of others-making them smile.”

My editor and book coach explained it best, “keep it short and sweet.”

In other words, Just the facts.”

Five minutes? Who knows, this may lead to a half hour or more!

Well, my five minutes are up.

Your turn.

I Believe In You!

Until next time,

~ Ms. Zipporah

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