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Don't Forget!

How many times have you heard that?

Growing up in my day it was:

"Don't forget to do your homework. Don't forget to turn out those lights when your not using them. Don't forget to wash your hands. Don't forget to brush your teeth. Don't forget to come home before the street lights come on. Don't forget your manners" ~ Just to name a few.

Many of these still ring loud and clear to the tune of our parent's or that adult voice in your head~

Yeah, that's Ole Skool ~ it has the tendency to do that. What? Take you to that place where life wasn't so hard. Where we didn't have to pay bills, or buy toothpaste, and toilet paper. Aaahhh! The good old days.

The statement is now rephrased into a question:

Don't forget what?

Someone once told me, "A wise man is one who listens." I believe that. The older I get, the less I talk. Why? I'm learning to LISTEN. I want to be wise too! (smile).

In my efforts to gain a little wisdom this upcoming year, here are a few positive and encouraging quotes I picked up along the way in my reading. . . As you read them, I want you to remember that thing called LIFE is short.

DON'T FORGET. . . Don't forget what?

~ Don't forget to smile

~ Don't forget - You are so worth it!

~ Don't forget - You will recover

~ Don't forget - Be kind regardless

~ Don't forget - You can't do it all today. There's always tomorrow.

~ Don't forget - there's wisdom in listening (winking)

~ Don't forget - You do have a choice

~ Don't forget - "What LOVE is" ~ in my Forest Gump voice

~ Don't forget the GOLDEN RULE

~ Don't forget look for ways to commend (Hugs are free!)

~ Don't forget to FORGIVE

~ Don' forget - PRAYER works

~ Don't forget - Each one helps one

~ Don't forget who your true friends are

~ Don't forget to be true to YOU!

~ Don't ever forget who you are!

Sheila, Aunt San, and David taught Charay core values growing up. In the Brown Eyes of Avon, you'll find out what happens when those values are put to the test. What core values did your parents instill in you?

Don't forget~ Ms. Zipporah loves you.

Hi my wonderful followers,

It's been a long time coming, but I'm proud to say that we are at the threshold of the finish line. This book will be released soon.

Thank you so much for your patience with me. I'm only trying to keep my promise to you readers "to give you the best of me and a story that touches your heart and makes you smile.

Love Ms. Zipporah


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