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What Did You Learn?

This pandemic has taught us quite a few things. What did it teach you? More importantly, what did you learn?

Although we're making progress and many are receiving vaccines, this pandemic isn't over yet. There is always something new, inspiring, and special to learn and appreciate. For me it's HOPE - the anchor of the soul.

Here's are just a few things I've learned about me during this pandemic...

I've learned to "give my roses" now. That's always been my motto. But sometimes, life happens and that phone call you were supposed to make to your family or friend, the card you were supposed to put in the mail, making peace with that friend, family member or neighbor, gets set aside. I realize now that life is too short and sometimes you don't get a second chance to give that rose. I lost a girlfriend to Covid-19. I didn't get that chance to return her call. I lost my sister and nephew-her son within two weeks of each other, and didn't get to say, "I love you," one more time. While it still pulls on my heartstrings, my solace is, they all knew I loved them and cared.

I've learned to say, "I LOVE YOU," more. Especially since hugs are forbidden with social distancing. Isn't that what the world needs?

I've learned that I'm an extrovert-introvert. Yes, that's a thing (apparently it's what most people are). The correct term is called ambivert: I'm happy being in a crowd or home alone reading a book. Yessss, the latter works for me! And I thought I was being selfish.

I've learned to buy out time for me. Meditation is soothing. Walking and embracing the wonders of creation while being at one with the creator is a beautiful thing.

I've learned to be more patient with others. We're all going through something.

I've learned to gather all the wisdom you can from the elders and grey-headed beauties of the family. One day, you'll tell those stories to your grandchildren.

I've learned to sharpen my skills and take advantage of the free courses offered on Coursera and LinkedIn.

I've learned that I have way too much stuff that I don't need.

I've learned that children are amazing. Grandchildren are special.

I've learned to be adaptable instead of flexible. This is our new norm. We will adapt and be resilient.

I've learned to slow down and breathe.

I've learned to appreciate the little things.

I've learned that smiles, even behind a mask, can brighten someone's day!

I've learned to appreciate our essential workers, those working from home, those without hope, those with Covid, those recovering from Covid, those in nursing homes, those who want to give up, those suffering from domestic violence, those living with anxiety and depression. I see you. I love you. Here's a ROSE just for you today.

Again I ask, "What did you learn?"


~Ms. Zipporah


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