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Why Are Aunts So Special?

Aunt, Titi, Tia, Sissy, Zia, Theida, Aintin, Tiya, and Bibi... What do you call your AUNT?

Aunt Bobbie, Aunt Brenda, Aunt Cynthia, Aunt Robin, Aunt Mable, Aunt Evette, Aunt Marian, Aunt Lou, Aunt Dee, Aunt Flora, Aunt Vera, Aunt Faye, and Aunt Mona ....These are a few of the cherished and adored "aunts" in my family ~ past and present.

What is the real definition of an aunt?

Aunt (noun) 1.) Loves and protects like a mother, 2,) Always there when you need her, and 3.) Admired and cherished forever.

Some say, "She's like Mom, only cooler!

I can attest tot the hugs ~ Close your eyes. Tell the truth. You can't help but feel that warm smothering blanket and mother's love.

Keeping secrets ~ They have the descretion of knowing whether to alert mom or not. 99% of the time, They don't! I do find in the case when they have to discipline you, it's usually more palatable

She loves in a way that only a best friend can.

... When my mother said, "No, you can't stay out late," my Aunt said, "Yes, you can."

More importantly she's the keeper of my favorite cousins.

In my family of cherished aunts, we have the following (I know you can relate):

The Spiritual - You better act right, we're praising the Lord together Aunt

The "don't tell your mother I let you stay out late" Aunt

The fun Aunt

The Fashonista Shopping Aunt

The Sexy Aunt who doesn't have to try

The Sassy Aunt

The Cute Aunt

The Adventerous Aunt

The Carbon-Copy Mom Aunt

The Smothering Aunt

The Funny Aunt

The Disciplinary Aunt

All in all, my aunts are a mix of all the above.

I've also found my AUNTS to be my mother's other half. They showered me with love and spankings ("they were necessary" in their story). They provided helpful advice and guidance, which I still use today. They taught us how to take care of a house, how to be SPIRITUALLY STRONG WOMEN, ladies, mothers, wives, educators, providers and protectors.

This is a special AUNT & Niece relationship!

Now my younger cousins and I are the AUNTS. We carry the torch and teach the next generation.

Together, they are a ruthless band and army that will protect ME at all costs.

In my novel, The BROWN Eyes of Avon, Charay has a very special relationship with her Aunt Sandra "San" for short. San never lied. Charay is counting on that when she confronts her about the family secret. Will their relationship and special bond of LOVE stand the test of time? Stay tuned, The BROWN Eyes of Avon is coming in the Spring of 2022!

What's your AUNT'S name, and what's her story?

Thank you for sharing.


~Ms. Zipporah


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