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Are You Your Sister's Keeper?

The answer is YES!

But the real question is WHO is your sister?

I grew up knowing only two of my four fleshly sisters. My cousins and I were as close as sisters could be. Later, I formed relationships with best friends who were like sisters - some, sisters from another mister.


The short answer: having a close relationship with another because of shared interests, problems, or the like ~ according to the dictionary.

We are ALL sisters, whether bound by blood or bound by the heart.


My sisters wear one or several hats: My second mother…my advocate…my cheerleader…my advisor…my teacher…my chauffer… my “ride-or-die”…my employer…my partner…my confidant…my hairstylist…my banker…my emotional support person… my nurse…my spiritual guide…my mirror…my laugh-out-loud buddy…my psychiatrist…my keep it real when I’m in denial person…my protector…my helper…my light at the end of the tunnel…my voice of reason…and my FRIEND!

So, am I really my SISTER’S keeper?

YES, you are!

SISTERS is a verb – like an action word, it’s what you DO!

You take care of your sister. You escort her to cancer treatments. You hold her hand. You cry with her. You help her though the addiction. You love her children unconditionally. You support her during domestic violence issues. You tell her “She’s Beautiful” (even with a black eye). You tell her she’s “fearless & courageous.” You tell her she “CAN do it,” even when she feels she can’t. You tell her she’s the “best sister ever.” You open your home when she’s locked out. You help pick up the pieces when her world falls apart. You share your deepest feelings & listen intently when she shares hers. You jump out of bed and run to her side. You LOVE her with every flaw she has - unconditionally. You pray FOR and WITH her. You give her roses & tell her “I love you” every chance you get.

You "SISTER" her until death do you part.

Sheila and Sandra - bound by love and loyalty. Will their “sisterhood & friendship” be tested? Find out in The Brown Eyes of Avon (coming spring of 2022).

I lost my sister to cancer. She knew I loved her. I knew she loved me.

I gave. I wish I gave more.

After reading this, call, text, or visit you sister and let her know how special she is to you!

Love you my sister ~ yes you! The one reading this!

~ Ms. Zipporah

Spring 2022


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