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Gratitude~What is it?

"It's that feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive."

That's the heartfelt definition and answer most would share. But just for a moment, let me tell you what gratitude is not or shall I say what I realized it's NOT.

It's not something you can go out and get to make yourself feel better. It's what you already have and should try to appreciate while you HAVE it. This pandemic has given all of us the same thing - TIME. Time to step back and reflect. Time to self-examine. Time to realize the important things in life.

Of the twenty-something notebooks I own, my pocket-size "Moment of the Day" journal has fragments of gratitude spread out from last year. Shame on me! The last note I wrote in that journal was on March 15, 2020. You would think that a writer's notebook is filled with pages of gratitude, maybe part of their everyday writing quota. Somehow, I always felt that gratitude was best expressed during my morning, at the moment, or evening prayers, better yet, a well-thought-out comment on one of my famous blank Hallmark cards. Shame on me! For those who keep a Gratitude Journal, they know, that's just a starting point.

Working from home, Isolation, and pandemic fatigue gave me a renewed appreciation for this thing called LIFE. See, I'd like to believe I'm a positive, glass-half-full kind of person who doesn't allow others to rob my JOY. Someone who likes to share that positivity and bring Joy into the lives of others.

INVENTORY - I took a look around and thought, "What if?" What if I didn't wake up tomorrow? Did I do right by family and friends? Did I ever get back to those I promised to call? Did I follow my heart's saying and really give my roses today or was it just lip service?

After speaking with a dear friend, let's call her "Kim," we discussed journaling, my writing journey, and how privileged I am to be in the final stages of my first novel (my goal April 2021). That evening, I thought long and hard about my fellow man, what they didn't have, what they lost, what they needed. Then I reflected on what I have, what I didn't have to go out and get, and what truly made me happy; I poured my heart onto the journal-the page called Gratitude and haven't stopped since.


Pandemic Gratitude

I'm grateful to wake up another day

I'm grateful for my relationship with my God Jehovah, Zoom meetings, and the privilege of prayer

I'm grateful for my family, friends, and loved ones

I'm grateful for having a job ~Sustenance and Covering

A roof over my head & food on my table every night

I'm grateful to share this information with others

I'm grateful for mindful meditation ~ Calm App

The need to be stress-free. I can't pour from an empty cup!

I'm grateful for the healthcare workers, essential worker, and those on the frontline

Giving of themselves tirelessly

I'm grateful to make someone smile ~even while social distancing with a mask

(Yes, people see the smile behind the mask)

I'm grateful to those who checked on me, texted, or called (just to say, "Hi" or share an emoji)

I'm grateful to cheer my sister on as she battles her first chemo treatment for cancer

I'm grateful to see my grandaughter's smile in person and via DUO

I'm grateful for Zoom and for uniting my family throughout this year

I'm grateful for DUO and the comfort of my long-distance mother's voice

I'm grateful to send an anonymous meal, a sweet treat or, a gift to a neighbor, family or friend

I'm grateful to send a card with hearts or just the words "I Love You."

I'm grateful for opportunity when I'm socially distant shopping I can encourage someone

I'm grateful for the treats that I found on my doorstep/doorway that showed how much you cared

I'm grateful that while I had sad moments that brought me to tears, knowing the Bible's promises and my faith brought me more smiles

When I see the death tolls that keep rising, I'm grateful that I pray to a God who remembers them and strengthens their families to get through the grief process (Acts 24:15).

I'm grateful for those who cared enough to tell me the truth

(It helps me to be humble)

I'm grateful to those who allowed me to be ME!

For the stay at home parents, I commend you. I'm grateful for your hard work and dedication. For the past few months, you had opportunities to mold and shape your children-our future. They learned to be grateful human beings, just by your example.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share.

What are you grateful for? Feel free to share.

~ Love Ms. Zipporah


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