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The Art of LETTING Go ~

Why do we hold on to things of the past ~ things that we struggle with, things that cause us pain, and things that we keep reliving.

It’s time to let go.

Here are five things you need to do to help you let go:

Focus on TODAY…Let go of and stop living in the past.

  1. DON’T hold grudges – Most of the time the person doesn’t even know you are angry at them.

  2. FORGIVE YOURSELF – Heal and move on

  3. You’re not PERFECT. You will make a mistake. Apologize, brush it off and try to relax

  4. DON’T Give up.

Instead, follow the recipe for success and let go!

Let go of - pain, resentment, negativity, complaining, and stress. Focus on Self-Care, helping others, being positive, and showing LOVE

In the Brown Eyes of Avon, Charay and Desiree have to let go of something in order to find their happy place.

What are you letting go of this year, and where will you find that happy place?

~ Ms. Zipporah

Coming soon 2023!

(Sorry for the delay. I'm revising and polishing the last few chapters for my beautiful readers ~ Thank you for your unwavering patience.)

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