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Where the Music Takes Me

I wasn’t looking for it, but somehow it found me. I played coy at first, like I wasn’t interested. That’s out of my league. Not my type. Way too old for me, I’d tell myself. My mother would never understand. I had no business there. What would my friends think? I couldn’t tell anyone about this. It didn’t take long but I was hooked.

Wait. Listen. Did you hear that? There it is again. It happened to you too? It stopped me dead in my tracks.

Maybe I need to warn others. I owe it to them.

Don’t be alarmed. It’s okay. I’m here to walk you through it. Take my hand. Go whereever the music takes you ~ Just let go. It's okay.

I felt the same wathing before. This is how I felt the first time I fell in love with Smooth JAZZ

Here is just a meniton of a few greats. . . I close my eyes and go there!

Al Jarreau

Bob James

Boney James

Regan Whiteside

George Benson

Wynton & Branford Marsalis

Kenny G

David Sanborn

I gave in and allowed my ears to rest softly on the melody. I followed wherever the Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, and rhythm took me. It captured me in a way that was mesmerizing.

It wasn’t until my late teens I matured enough to appreciate it.

This Genre opened my world to Beethoven, Mozart, and who can forget Bach’s Brandenburg ~ the classics!

Willi B and Kevin Marcus ~ Black Violin took the classics of the violin and viola, added a dose of jazz, and a hint of R&B, sprinkled with hip-hop… the possibilities are endless.

Question for all my fellow writers and authors, do you listen to music while writing? I do, but only when the mood hits me.

Here are a just few songs that left a mark on me over the years and takes me to that special place to reminiscent of good “happy” times:

Ribbon in the Sky ~ Stevie Wonder & Intro

Just Once ~ James Ingram

Adore ~ Prince

Respect ~ Aretha Franklin

What’s Love Got to Do with It? ~ Tina Turner

Better Days ~ Diane Reeves

You Remind Me ~ Mary J

Aint Nobody ~ Chaka Kahn

Time After Time ~ Cyndi Lauper

Oye Como Va ~ Carlos Santana

Total Eclipse of the Heart ~ Bonnie Tyler

Lady in my Life ~ Michael Jackson

Easy ~ Commodores

My Eyes Adored you~ Frankie Valli

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree ~ Tony Orlando & Dawn

In the Brown Eyes of Avon, many of the melodious titles sprinkle a little insight into the lives of Charay and Desiree.

What’s that ONE song that takes you to that happy place from long ago? Please share –

~Love Ms. Zipporah


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