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Pay it Forward~In Word and In Deed.

We hear that all the time, but what does Pay It Forward really mean?

The concept of pay-it-forward - when someone performs an act of kindness for you and your appreciation and loving kindness moves you to do something kind for someone else, rather than paying or repaying the original good deed.

Have you ever been in line at the drive thru of your favorite fast-food chain, only to arrive at the window and find out your order has been paid? Your appreciation for that act of kindness moves you to pay for customer behind you. That’s a Pay it Forward.

In the movie – Pay It Forward - a film I’ve never seen (I’m sorry), Eugene Simonet (played by Kevin Spacey) gives a class assignment with the goal of changing the world for the better.

I’ll go back further than that: The good book says, “...There’s more happiness in giving than receiving.” (Acts 20:35) And that my friends, is where the pay it forward brings me the greatest joy. You’ll never go wrong taking the time to make another person’s day, whether it be a phone call, a text, advice, dinner, holding a door, dropping off food at the doorstep, flowers, or sending a beautiful card. The list goes on.

Now more than ever, the world needs the little things. Even a smile or a kind word makes a difference.

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be The WORLD.”

~ Dr. Seuss

And it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m so grateful the wonderful people in my life who have been The World for me, blessing me with loving kindness from places I never expected. I only hope that I’ve paid it forward at some time for them as well as others.

I always wanted to write for Hallmark-still do. I purchase blank Hallmark cards and pour out my feelings, love, and thank yous for loved ones, family, friends, front-line workers and others I don’t know during these Covid-19 times. The smiles on those faces bring me a joy and satisfaction that’s indescribable. In that sense, I guess you could say I do write for Hallmark. And, yes, I do care enough to give my Very BEST.

Some of you may know, I’m in the process of finishing the re-writes for my wonderful editor (I’ve been blessed with two-gifted ones by the way) for my first novel. During my work-from-home noon break, I took a pause from writing and listened to a podcast: Pick Up The Pen with the lovely Sadie Chelsea. She interviewed Mike DeLucia the author of Madness: The Man Who Changed Basketball - a story based on the life of Hank Luisetti (Ranked Amazon’s Top 100 books to read) For all the basketball fans and those who are not, it’s an awesome read! You know I love Basketball.

During his interview, Mike discussed how to get a movie deal and turn your book into a major motion picture. This piqued my interest since the little voice in my head which was really my sister and daughter who swear that my finished novel will be picked up by Ava DuVernay, Tyler Perry’s (Areu brothers), Oprah, Denzel, or another famous Director/Producer to film. I smile. Dreams are nice, I tell them. It’s a story I want others to shed a tear for and cherish. My pie in the sky would be if someone read it and said, “It touched me.”

Mike’s passion, love of writing, and drive to go one step further, impressed me; that, along with his 37 ½ years of writing experience and the writing awards that followed. Hearing his voice made me nostalgic for my old stomping grounds-New York, pizza, a bagel and the busyness of the city I left for the south.

I reached out to Mike shortly after hearing that podcast via Contact Mike on his website. This is where it gets good. He responded! At first, I thought it was a general, “thanks for your support” reply email. But, after reading, I couldn’t believe he took the time to write a genuine response and offered helpful advice regarding this journey. I took it a step further and shared my website and what I was trying to accomplish.

Fast forwarding to the good stuff: We talked on the phone about the neighborhood – Yes, we’re from the same area, talked about the best Pizza, Bagel shops, the Yankees, and the love of New York for about an hour. The advice he shared and taking time away from his busy schedule to assist me PRICELESS!

Mike DeLucia could have been doing anything he wanted on a Saturday afternoon but he Paid-It-Forward for a fellow writer, Me.

Actors, Artists, Philanthropists and others give back & and pay-it-forward all the time. You can do the same: Smile behind that mask, hold the door, complement a stranger, say thank you and tell others how much you appreciate them. That's just to get you started. Tell you what, you’re already a star if you took the time.

Keep up the good work my self-less givers!

Sending love and virtual hugs to everyone.

~ Love Ms. Zipporah

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